Tony's Chololonely Dark Almond Sea Salt
Tony's Chololonely Dark Almond Sea Salt

Tony's Chololonely Dark Almond Sea Salt

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1 x 180g bar
  • Dark chocolate, almond and sea salt bar
  • Cocoa solids: 51% minimum
  • Fairtrade chocolate bar
  • Made in Belgium
  • From Tony's Chocolonely

Made from Fairtrade dark chocolate, this tasty chocolate slab has a crazy almond crunchy and a slight hint of sea salt. Wrapped in a bright green paper that has company information on the inside. Whether you want to eat your bar alone or share with friends, Tony's suggest storing this bar in a cool, dry and dark place until ready to be enjoyed.

Tony's Mission:

To make all chocolate 100% slave free - with your help! Farmers who produce cocoa beans are not being paid fairly, with chocolate giants in the supply chain keeping the price of cocoa as low as possible - keeping the farms in poverty and leading to illegal child labour. Tony's Chocolonely mission is to make sure every person in their supply chain is happy, being paid fairly, treated kindly and not exploited for their cocoa. They invest in agricultural knowledge and training to make sure each farming cooperative is not being exploited for their cocoa.

Alone, Tony's Chocolonely can promise to produce their own brand of slave free chocolate in this modern age, but with your help they hope to make all chocolate slave free.



Made from

cocoa mass, sugar, 10.00% almonds, cocoa butter, 0.50% sea salt, emulsifier (soya lecithin)